Slack Integration

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HN+ integrates directly with Slack to auto-post popular posts from your site. Please follow the steps below to enable this.
1. Add Incoming Webhook App to your Slack
First thing is to add an app on your Slack. The app is called Incoming Webhook App. Make sure you are logged into your Slack account and you can click on the menu item labeled Apps and then clicking on Browse App Directory.
Once you're there, search for Incoming Webhook App and click on it and then click on Add to Slack button.
In the next screen, you will need to select which Channel you want HN+ to post to. You can either select an existing channel or create a new one. Once you've selected a channel, click on the Add Incoming Webhooks Integration button.
On the next screen, you will see Webhook URL. Copy this value and go to your site's admin panel in HN+.
2. Add Incoming Webhook URL to HN+
In the Integration page, select Slack and paste the webhook URL that you copied and select the frequency of posting and save.
That's it! Your contents should appear in your nominated Slack channel shortly!
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